Rubber Sheeting

With our sheeting division, we have an extensive product range of rubber sheeting (up to 3.20 m wide) made from all common elastomers in a hardness range of 25°- 90° Shore A and material thicknesses of 0.5 mm – 6.0 mm (in exceptional cases up to 8.0 mm). We also offer products up to 60 mm in dimensions of 1.20m x 1.20m. Various approvals, including KTW, W 270 and VDE, reflect the high-quality standards of our material. We can also ensure the compliance with different automotive standards. Highly specialized products for all conceivable applications are our strength. With our dedicated team, we will find a suitable solution for your application. Our products are PAH-free (EU1272/2013), nitrosamine-free and REACH and RoHS III compliant.

We have products to satisfy a wide range of requirements, with special performance characteristics including:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Fuel resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Diesel resistant
  • Low-temperature flexibility
  • Flame resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Rebound elasticity
  • Alkali resistant
  • Acid resistant
  • Weathering/ozone resistant
  • Plexiglas compatibility
  • Drinking water quality
  • Tensile strength
  • Water resistant (up to 100º C / 212º F)
  • UV resistant
  • Low gas permeability

* Properties vary according to base polymer